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Western Drop Rigging Converter for Cinch Adjustment and ease of tightening.

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              View Video of How to Install by clicking Here.

This Drop Western Rigging Converter (shown above) was designed by Paul Springer because of our need for an adjustable rigging to move the cinch back and forth, and my need for an easy way to get my cinch tight. 

Most western saddles rig the cinch from the front ring alone, and some put a back cinch on the back ring. This is fine in some respects, but it puts all the pressure from tightening the cinch on the withers, and if you do not tighten the back cinch enough, also all the torque that you put on your saddle goes to the withers. Not good! This also causes the cinch to stay right behind the elbow and causes galls and soring.

Many saddles are going back to the center fire rigging used by our Cavalry (shown below), which puts even pressure on the front and back cinch. This is good. This type of cinch also lets the cinch float on the cinch ring so it rests at a comfortable place on the horse. The negative about this type of rigging is that it is difficult to get tight enough, especially for people with weakness in the hands such as arthritis.

Our answer to these problems and more, is the Western Drop Rigging Converter (shown above). It is easy to install and easy to use. It tightens easily even for people with arthritis or disabilities. It can be adjusted so the cinch is forward or back, according to what you want and need. No more galling and soring. No more of the saddle flipping up in back.

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