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Sierra Horse Halter #3 Cruelty or Kindness?

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In this day and age, there is no reason for horse cruelty. Unfortunately to show the effectiveness of the Sierra Horse Halter in stopping really bad habits, we show horses on You Tube that are in a full state of rebellion when wearing the halter for the first time. These horses are either in full panic or are displaying their most severe rebellious behavior when wearing the halter for the first time. Anyone who has never seen a horse act like this thinks the Sierra Horse Halter is causing this to happen. It is not.

These behaviors have served these horses well for years sometimes to get them away from being handled or tied. None of these horses are being hurt in any way by the halter or handler. Some are being flagged or stimulated to move, as any good horseman knows that you cannot teach a horse much without movement. When these horses do decide to move it is usually in a way that shows how they feel at the moment. All demonstrate how they have handled their feelings in the past. By full body panic or rebellion. They want to get away and have learned a way to do it. All have shown this behavior time after time before we ever showed up. By using the Sierra Horse Halter, the horse is forced to stop and consider what they are doing. 

Sorry folks, this is not cruelty. Cruelty is letting these horses continue on with these behaviors until they destroy themselves or a person handling them. A recent horse trainer who discovered the SHH told me that the halter seems to reset the horses mind and gives them a new place to start from. This is not cruelty but kindness! 

See the videos, read the reviews, and purchase the halter at PFL Inc

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